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02/07/2012 | Supporting Porto Romano School and Kindergarden + "Travelling to Albania" Website

In February 2012 we started to collect funds for fulfilling Porto Romano School needs from the list given by the director Mr. Hajri Nuhu.

Work on - "Travelling to Albania" Website was restarted more...

Photogallery - School & Kindergarden (15 images)

11/07/2011 | November Donation

Photogallery (15 images)

06/09/2011 | Donation at the End of School Year

At the end of school year we offered a financial donation to the hands of School director, Mr. Fadil Elezi more...

01/10/2010 | Donation for Porto Romano School

By donating different materials we could partially fullfil the list of needs of Porto Romano School from September 2009 more...

Photogallery from the School (17 images)

10/02/2008 | Supporting Porto Romano School

- Financial donation for PC Classroom

- Donation of sports equipment

- Free Lectures about environmental issues and character education more...


08/28/2007 | Clean Up of Porto Romano Public Beach

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...of a modest group of young people having the desire to improve the quality of life in Porto Romano - one of the most chemically polluted areas in Europe - yet the place they call home.