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04/30/2003 | "We care for others because we love them" Medical Project

The Medical Project has been our biggest activity in Porto Romano so far. Services included medical visits and free medication for the inhabitants of Porto Romano. The project was organized in cooperation with the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) of Albania and District (Lagja) 15 Local Mayor’s Office.

The service project took place between the 25th and 28th of April 2003. The Medical Center of Porto Romano secured a room for the visits. Three doctors with the assistance of a local nurse visited people, every day from 09:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00. In cases of immobile people doctors went to visit patients to their homes.

We care for others because we love them - Photo Gallery 1 (12 pictures)

Being that Porto Romano is such a polluted area we considered it very important to do something for the health of the people living there. While most citizens of Porto Romano are not rich, the medical services and medication are expensive. Through this project people were able to receive insight about their health, and people suffering from chronic diseases were given free access to medication for a certain time period.

We care for others because we love them - Photo Gallery 2 (12 pictures)

Our deepest thanks go to Dr. Aleks Sulejmani, Dr. Sejdin Mece, Dr. Olsi Agolli and Mrs. Liliana Leka for their proffesional help.


05/04/2003 | Statistical data of the Medical Project

During the time of the service project, 160 people received a variety of treatments. Medical records show:

* 65% of examined people were adults,

* 35% children.

Few cases we sent for further examination.

About the conditions of adult patients:

* 60 % had problems with rheumatism (which is significant for the low social level)

* 10 % had neurosis

* 10 % of adult patients (mostly over 55 y/old) had heart diseases

* 10 % had gastrointestinal diseases

Most of the children examined had infections, especially Ear Throat and Nose (Otolaryngological)

It is obvious that the many ailments the inhabitants of Porto Romano suffer from are at least in part due to the intoxication from toxins which are in this village. There is also a difficulty in maintaining basic hygiene due to the fact that there is no clean water in many people’s homes. Every home gets its water from a well with extremely polluted water; this are using is used for watering gardens for cleaning. Water for drinking, cooking and washing has to be brought manually from a water well which is located 3km away. This well was built by the German Army during the Kosovo war for a refugee camp near Porto Romano.

Lastly, what was the overall result of this project? We were able to provide valuable assistance to the citizens of Porto Romano. Because of this result, feelings of disillusionment toward service organizations that had promised this type of assistance in the past but never delivered, were eased.


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